Webinar: Top Cyber Insurance Myths Debunked

Today, Lindsey Nelson, International Cyber Team Leader at CFC, held a webinar on debunking the top six cyber myths. We explored common cyber insurance misunderstandings and objections we hear from clients, and how to overcome them. You can download the slides here. We also have a handy article you can download… Read more »


Cyber is one of the hottest topics in insurance and, as a line of business, it’s projected to experience phenomenal growth in the years ahead. But cyber is still a relatively new market, and can be made unnecessarily complex by industry jargon, buzzwords of the day, and a lack of standardization in policy… Read more »

Webinar: IP Insurance Explained

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Today, Erik Alsegård, Intellectual Property Practice Leader at CFC, held an introductory webinar on IP insurance.  In the modern competitive economy intellectual property has become a key asset to most companies. It’s no surprise that the stakes are often high when someone alleges that another company infringes on their patent, trademark, copyright or… Read more »

Webinar Registration: Top Cyber Insurance Myths Debunked

Cyber is one of the hottest topics in insurance, but can be made unnecessarily complex by industry jargon and a lack of standardization in policy wordings. It’s no surprise that many businesses find themselves confused about how cyber insurance actually works and skeptical about whether they actually need it. Join… Read more »


This month’s cyber claims case study is “Quick Fix Complication.” This tells the story of a US-based healthcare service provider that fell victim to a ransomware attack. Thanks to CFC’s in-house incident response team, the healthcare service provider managed to avoid a costly notification to their entire patient population and… Read more »

Cyber Insurance Guide

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As we become increasingly reliant on technology, the potential impact of cyber-related incidents continues to grow. Yet the cyber insurance market is relatively new in comparison with other lines of cover. This straightforward guide explains how cyber risk and insurance has evolved and how a good cyber policy addresses these modern exposures. “Cyber” is one… Read more »

Healthcare in Transit

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As the elderly population in the US continues to grow, so too does the necessity for non-emergency medical transportation services to cater to this demographic in both urban and rural areas nationwide. The transportation services provided by these companies are vital to the accessibility of routine healthcare services and survival… Read more »

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

At the end of June, California state legislators passed the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. Coming in to effect on January 1st 2020, the act is set to bring in a number of data protection requirements and new consumer rights similar to those enacted by the EU’s General Data… Read more »