We finished – mostly!

We finished - mostly! CFC Underwriting in the London TriathlonGlory might not have been ours, but we’re proud to say that over half of CFC participated in the 2011 London Triathlon in order to raise a pile of money for 3 great charities.

Thank you to everyone who helped us raise over £2700 (over £3100 with gift aid). Your support is so appreciated and was a real inspiration, especially when it came to jumping into that cold water, whizzing to overtake someone during the cycle and finishing that last painful kilometer on the run. We’re sure Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, Cancer Research UK and Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research appreciate it even more.

OK, so you’re after results aren’t you? Let’s start with the good news first. Two of our teams, the two made up of three fit and healthy youngsters, placed 24th and 65th out of 157 sprint distance team relay teams with times of 1:25:37 and 1:34:39, respectively. A third team consisting of 3 of CFC’s 5 directors wasn’t terrible either, considering! Their time was 1:39:22. The rest, well… there were a few mishaps.

Apparently, you’re supposed to do two laps in the cycling and running sections. This teeny tiny detail meant a few of our teams were annoyingly disqualified! It’s frankly ridiculous that the organisers expect you to cycle and run the full distance.

The best story, however, comes from the first part of the race, the swim. Equipped with wetsuit and lovely red swimming cap, CFC swimmers braved the opaque waters of the East End docks. The buzzer sounded and the mad rush began. After approximately one minute, a hand shoots into the air, and a round, bearded man is pulled from the water by several of the 120 lifeguards on watch as a giggling audience looks on. One CFC swimmer is caught behind the boats, but manages to free herself and finally, everyone is off.

Too bad really that the round, bearded man was actually one of CFC’s very own, business development manager Scott Sayce, suffering from a cramp. There’s speculation that it had to do with the single practice swim he did before the race, but we’re not sure if the two events are connected. What we can say is that he tried, as did everyone who participated, and we’re proud that because of these efforts, no matter how hilarious, we’ve hopefully helped towards some great, life-saving causes.

It’s not too late to donate. Our donation page is still open, so if you’d like to contribute and learn more about the charities we’re supporting, simply click here. Hopefully, we’ve started a bit of a CFC fitness revolution. Considering how fun and funny it was this year, we’re already looking forward to next year!

We finished - mostly! CFC Underwriting in the London Triathlon

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