2011 CFC Christmas promotion was a huge success

1st place: Aliya Daya, Rogers Insurance
In the insurance business: Risk = Threat x Vulnerability x Impact... ooh don't think about impact...

This year, we asked brokers to take a picture with the theme “risky situations” and submit the photo along with a caption for voting on our promotional blog. Those with the three highest vote counts at midday on Tuesday, January 3rd would win three fantastic prizes!

We got tons of fantastic entries and close to a thousand votes were cast but alas, only three could claim a prize. Here they are:

First: Aliya Daya, Rogers Insurance (Right) (iPad 2)
Second: David Gray, Jones Brown (Nikon P500 Camera)
Third: Joe Smith, Crouse and Associates (Amazon Kindle)

Besides some awesome photo submissions, you can also see last year’s winners, an array of pathetic Christmas jokes and other festive entertainment on the blog. It’s still up and running so feel free to check it out. Simply go to www.cfcpromotions.com and to those of you who participated, thank you!

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