New product designed just for PEOs

New product designed just for PEOsWe’re happy to announce the launch of PEO, a dedicated policy for professional employer organisations in America.

Unique to the US, professional employer organisations or PEOs handle the HR functions, including payroll services and employee benefits of many businesses. But when it comes to getting insurance that’s been designed with their unique exposures in mind and doing so quickly and easily, there are few, if any, policies to choose from.

That’s why we’ve built PEO, a comprehensive policy which has been designed specially for PEOs and is the perfect complement to their separate EPL policies. This means that the form isn’t a miscellaneous PI form with confusing amendments or exclusions, but that the policy wording details the precise risks with which PEOs are concerned.

PEO is a modular package which includes errors and omissions, commercial general liability, cyber and privacy liability, property cover and business interruption insurance. All this plus clear, unambiguous cover for breach of client contract and much more.

To learn more about PEO and specific areas of cover, click here to email us.

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