Broker auctions continue to be a hit

Broker auctions continue to be a hitWe have recently completed our third monthly broker auction and it was another hit! With hundreds of votes cast, it was a narrow win on most items which included everything from football tickets and a classic Polaroid camera to hampers and champagne.

Still the most popular item to bid on by far is the CFC Surprise Prize. This month, the lucky winner was awarded a lovely large poster of The Hoff in all his glory. Congratulations! We’re so happy this bronzed god can adorn your wall. Next month, who knows? It could be a desirable gadget or a glossy picture of Cliff Richard. We can’t say but hope you’ll keep trying your luck!

Next month’s auction will begin on Monday, October 3rd, and the prizes will be posted shortly so you can take a sneak peek before bidding opens. If you don’t know your broker login details or if you would like more information about our broker loyalty program, please click here to email us.

First broker auction is a success

First broker auction is a successThanks to everyone who made bids in our first broker loyalty sealed bid auction this month! The whole thing was a success with hundreds of votes cast and a great array of prizes claimed – everything from a box of chocolates to a pair or Bose headphones. Plus, brokers didn’t need tons of points to win – one prize was won with a single point!

The most popular item by far was the CFC “Surprise Prize”. This item will be available every month and could be anything from hard-to-get tickets to an old pencil. This month, the lucky winner will take home a pair of ladies, size 4, pink wellington boots. In fact, they are the exact pair immortalised on our company website homepage. Yep. That’s right. Pink wellies. But hey, next time, it could be something really amazing… we’ll let you decide if it’s worth the risk!

The winners from this month’s auction have been notified so sadly, if you haven’t heard from us, luck was not on your side. It’s not all bad news, however. Your points will be returned to your account for use in next month’s auction. Plus, if follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, you could earn up to 50 bonus points! That’s 25 points each. We’ll be able to find you on LinkedIn, but make sure you email us your Twitter username to claim your points. If you’re an old follower, don’t worry. Do the same and we’ll make sure you get the points you deserve!

Please also note that 5 points will now be awarded for enquiries, renewals and new business orders in our unending attempts to make things as fair as possible. This will be reflected in your July point totals.

Not quite sure how it works? Simply click here to log in to the broker area of our website and then proceed to your "My rewards" section for more details. Don’t know your broker login details? Just click here to email us.

Thanks again everyone and good luck next month! Remember about LinkedIn and Twitter!