Webinar: ESOP 101

Image of contract being signed by two peopleAs part of CFC’s series of e-learning sessions, the ML team is holding a webinar to walk you through the acronym-heavy area of fiduciary liability insurance.

Have you found yourself scratching your head when it comes to ESOPs? Admittedly, they’re not quite as simple as a 401K, but why exactly is that? If you want to understand a bit more about this complex component of fiduciary cover and the associated underwriting considerations, this webinar is for you.

CFC’s Management Liability team is holding an ESOP 101 webinar and will be looking to answer any questions you may have. During this presentation, we will explore the history of ESOPs, how plans are set up, the different structures of leveraged vs non-leveraged plans, the differences between ESOPs and ESPPs and associated claim scenarios. And we’ll try to avoid using too many acronyms!

Tune in on Wednesday the 22nd of November at 11am EST to learn more about this topic. Registering couldn’t be easier, simply go to
and enter your name and email.

If you have any questions ahead of the webinar, please email Fahim Sachak on fsachak@cfcunderwriting.com.

Webinar: Product Recall

Two man in protective clothing and holding a clipboard standing in a factoryAs part of CFC’s series of e-learning sessions, the Crisis Management team is holding a webinar to walk you through product recall insurance.

Handling the fallout from a product recall can be a daunting prospect for businesses. That is, if they are aware of what a recall can entail – because for many, this kind of incident is a really abstract notion, with lots of confusion around what it is, how it can happen and why insurance cover is so important.

In this webinar, we answer these questions and show how our recall policies are designed to help businesses get back on their feet quickly after an incident. All along the way, we share case studies and insight which will help you sell this product better. So tune in!

Tune in on Wednesday, 20th September at 12pm EST to learn more about this topic. Registering couldn’t be easier, simply go to the below link and enter your name and email:


If you have any questions ahead of the webinar, please email Matt Hagan at mhagan@cfcunderwriting.com.

New to Connect? We can help!

New to Connect? We can help!If you’re new to Connect and would like to make sure you and your team get to grips with the platform, there’s a few things you can do. Firstly, check out our helpful video, which walks you through the various functions available on Connect. We’ll update the video as we expand the functions. Another good place to look is the FAQs section, which is not only useful for specific questions you may have, but also as an overview of the platform.

If you still don’t feel fully comfortable using the system, let us know! A lot of work has gone into building this bespoke platform and we’re convinced that it will revolutionise the way we do business with you – so we want you to feel confident in using Connect. We’re happy to organise a webinar to walk you and your team through the system in real time, talking you through functions and answering any questions you may have. To set this up, simply speak to your usual underwriting contact or email us at help@cfcunderwriting.com.

Video: Cyber Incident Response App

Video: Cyber Incident Response AppWe have developed our Cyber Incident Response app to make managing incidents easier, faster and more efficient – in other words, less stressful. It provides policyholders with easy access to our 24/7 global cyber incident response centre, and with a focus on customer service excellence, our app is a crucial tool for incident management. At the click of a button, users can report incidents, notify claims and request urgent assistance at any time of the day or night. The app also includes a wide array of additional features including cyber and tech news, policy reference and incident response team coordination.

Our video is a helpful guide to how the app works and its key benefits. Watch it today and then download the app to try it out yourself. It is available for free on Apple iTunes and Google Play platforms – simply search for ‘CFC cyber incident response’, and once installed, use our demo account to trial the service:

User: DemoUser@cfcunderwriting.com
Password: D3M0U53R

Share the video with your CFC cyber policyholder clients today and encourage them to give the app a go – we’re confident they’ll like it!

Welcome to ‘Connect’

Welcome to ConnectConnect is our brand new online portal that provides you with the quickest and easiest way to access CFC Underwriting. Through a simple, self-service interface we are committed to providing you with real time access to edit quotes, issue documentation, amend policies, and fast track renewals.

As part of the launch we are providing you with access to our exciting monthly Broker Auction and our Fast Track submission process.

Every interaction with CFC provides you with the opportunity to earn loyalty points that can in turn be used to bid for a range of fantastic prizes in our monthly, sealed bid auction. Click here to learn more about it (please note, you’ll have to sign in to access this page).

With so many different teams and underwriters at CFC we recognise it can be hard to figure out who the best person is to send a submission to. By using our Fast Track you can make sure that your submission gets to the right underwriter’s desk in the quickest way possible. Click here to try it out (again, you’ll need to sign in to access).

At CFC we believe that insurance should be simple and efficient. Through Connect we aim to revolutionise the way we trade. To arrange a demonstration or to register an account in case you don’t already have one, please contact us at enquiries@cfcunderwriting.com.

Fast Track Your Submissions

Fast Track Your SubmissionsWe realise it can sometimes be a headache to figure out who the right person is to obtain a quote from. Sending your submission to the wrong inbox can often mean a long delay before you get a response. Fast Track has been designed to provide you with a central point of contact, automatically directing your submissions to the right person at CFC.

Through our simple online form you can provide us with a new business submission or send in a completed renewal application at the touch of a button. By using Fast Track your submission will avoid our normal logging process and land directly on an underwriter’s desk.

In order to be as helpful as possible, we also provide you with an opportunity to use our system to send the submission to whoever else needs to see it. And yes, we’ll even allow you to send it to our competitors if you really want to! But we’re confident that in the end you’ll like our quotes more….

At CFC we believe that insurance should be simple and efficient. Through Fast Track we aim to make sure our quotes reach you quicker. To arrange a demonstration or to register an account, please contact us at enquiries@cfcunderwriting.com.

Broker Loyalty Launches on Connect

Broker Loyalty Launches on ConnectWe’re pleased to announce that our ever-popular Broker Loyalty Auction has been upgraded and re-launched on our new broker portal, CFC Connect. As well as a slick new interface, you’ll find an increased selection of prizes and many more ways to win.

Every interaction you have with CFC provides the opportunity to earn broker loyalty points. These points can then be used in our monthly, sealed bid auctions to win an exciting array of prizes, including high tech gadgets, kitchenware, branded goods and the mysterious “surprise prize”.

Hosted at the start of every month, our sealed bid system is designed to make sure everyone has a chance to win, no matter how much or how little business you do with us. Whoever places the highest bid for any item wins the prize and the points are deducted from their balance. If you’re unsuccessful though all the points are credited back.

To make it a fair system for all and encourage you to get involved, we deduct 20% of your points at the end of every auction period. So when it comes to loyalty points our motto is: “use them or lose them”!

If you have any questions on the broker auction and our loyalty points system click here to find out more.

To arrange a demonstration or to register an account, please contact us at enquiries@cfcunderwriting.com.